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Membership of the Independent Loss Adjusters Association

This is available, only to professional practices able to guarantee that they will subscribe to all the ethical requirements of membership as detailed in the ILAA Constitution PDF.


The main requirements are:

  1. The business is a Loss Adjusting Business as defined in the constitution.
  2. The business is controlled and predominantly owned by the current directors, partners, employees or their families.
  3. The business complies with the terms of the guarantee not to accept “Prohibited Payments” as detailed below.
  4. The business pays the joining fee of £100 and the annual subscription (currently in the range of £100 to £300).

Prohibited payments are defined as:

“A payment, commission or benefit in kind that is made by a Service Provider to a Member. It includes any payment received by a Related Business for Services given in the settlement of an insurance claim, but does not include small-scale hospitality or low value gifts.”

Apply here:

If you are able to satisfy the above criteria of the Independent Loss Adjusters Association on behalf of your business then please apply here for membership (Word Document, 73KB)




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